You have now read through several texts about people who lived during the Second World War. The stories that are told here reflect something of the ideological fight that took place during the war, between the Nazis and those they pursued in countries they occupied.

These stories have been pieced together from the books which, some years ago, were found tucked away in the National Library of the Czech Republic. The books had obviously belonged to many different people and organisations. This was apparent from bookplates, stamps and other ways people had of marking their books. You have now met some of the people who owned these books.

You may read more about the history behind this in this virtual exhibition: BOOKS DISCOVERED ONCE AGAIN

This project is developed by Stiftelsen Arkivet and the National Library of the Czech Republic in a European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Cooperation.

Project manager: Gro Kvanvig
Texts: Mirjam Kristensen
Drawings: Ylve Thon
Design: John Erik Kristensen

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